Ways To Stay in Shape During the Holidays

Completion Time: 20 Mins

Fitness Level: Easy

Posted By: Greg Stallkamp

Workout Description

These exercises are designed to keep people active in ways that will coincide with ordinary holiday events. While you may not believe that putting up holiday lights is an exercise, its a good way to stay active as a family during the winter season. And millions already know that the best place to go for a long walk in a comfortable, controlled climate is at the mall. So enjoy the holidays, but remember there are easy ways to stay fit and active during a season usually associated with overeating and sitting on the couch.

Muscle Groups: Whole Body

Step Number 1

Find a mall with a lot of open space and walkways. Get there early to avoid crowds.

Step Number 2

Use the maps supplied by the malls to plan your route.

Step Number 3

A recommended distance is about three miles, but if you can’t accurately survey the distance, just go by time. A brisk walk is usually about three miles per hour, so if you walk for an hour, you’ve gone three miles.